NephroFlow DWS: Process Driven Dialysis Software

Advance your care processes and experience a new, cost effective, high quality and safe way of working!

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The implementation of NephroFlow® has been subjected to an in-depth study and shows direct and tangible benefits:

  • check_circle 45-minute time savings per nurse per shift
  • check_circle Easily meet accreditation requirements
  • check_circle Increase patient safety
  • check_circle Increase the quality of care
  • check_circle Improve communication between all healthcare actors

Dialysis treatments require careful planning and streamlined communication from both a medical and operational perspective. Traditional electronic records are not equipped to adequately support the care team and their complex care processes and to integrate seamlessly with the devices within the ward.

NephroFlow is a process-oriented software platform that actively supports nurses and nephrologists in every step of the care process. It provides them with valuable work instruments that facilitate a smooth transition between planning, preparation, treatment, patient monitoring and administration.

NephroFlow's desktop and mobile work tools provide efficiency gains of up to 60 minutes per shift per nurse by eliminating the administrative burden, by promoting direct communication and by using real-time data. The platform also realizes proven gains in terms of patient safety, quality of care, cost reduction and job satisfaction.

NephroFlow contributes to the professionalization of a high care environment

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Dr. Valerie Neirynck - Nephrologist

NephroFlow stores all data in a structured form, which allows us to analyze the data easily afterwards. Thus, we can compare ourselves to international standards and validate how we can improve our quality of care.

Wannes Vandewynckele - Dialysis nurse

It's a very easy program to work with. We no longer need to write anything down, everything is recorded automatically. Moreover, it shows us every session which tasks we need to perform.